Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle – .45-70 GOV

Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle – .45-70 GOV


For sale is a Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor breech loaded rifle in .45-70 Gov. Serial number- 252251. This rifle is in excellent condition only the bore shows some very minor pitting. This is a rare example of a near-pristine Springfield 1873 Trapdoor. The Springfield Model 1873 was the first standard-issue breech loaded rifle of the US Military. The Springfield Model 1873 was famously used at Custer's last stand by Custer's cavalry. Due in part to Custer's defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, the trapdoor was eventually replaced as the standard-issue rifle and was quickly replaced by the more modern Springfield 1892 Krag–Jørgensen bolt action rifle.
Barrel Length: 32.5
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1884

Serial Number: 252251

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