STI Apeiro

STI Apeiro


The Apeiro features a unique “Island” barrel. The front sight is dovetailed into the barrel instead of the slide, creating additional material on the top of the barrel. So, the increased barrel weight combined with the reduction in slide weight means less recoil, and faster cycling with more accurate follow up shots. The cuts also improve barrel to slide lockup meaning increased accuracy as well. The Apeiro’s slide is stainless steel and features the Sabre-Tooth cuts. CeraKote™ is first applied to the entire slide and the fats are then polished to give it a more durable and attractive two-tone look.

Stainless Steel Slide and Long Wide-Frame
Lighter Slide for Less Forward Recoil
Island BBL Makes for Tighter Slide to Barrel Fit
STI Recoil Master Guide-Rod
Oversized Magwell
Ribbed BBL Creates Better Sight Picture
Fiber Optic Front Sight; Adjustable Rear Sight
Ambidextrous Safety

Read more about the STI Apeiro here.

Serial Number: TC4939

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