Taylor & Co / Uberti Model 1873 – .45 Colt

Taylor & Co / Uberti Model 1873 – .45 Colt


For sale is a Taylor & Co / Uberti Model 1873 lever-action rifle in .45 Colt. Serial number- W79207. This rifle is in great condition with a couple dings/scratches on the left side of the stock. The 1873 model became an immediate favorite upon it's release by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Thoughts were that the domestic military sales would make up most of the orders for the lever action , but this model ended up being more popular with civilians and international military. The 1873 Rifle was the first lever-action available with broad variety of options, and it's still offered today in many varieties to meet all types of shooter's needs. This model features a case-hardened frame with a blued barrel and a classic smooth walnut stock and forend.
Barrel Length: 20
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 2018

Serial Number: W79207

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