Webley Federal Laboratories No. 1 Mk. 1 – Flare / Gas Gun

Webley Federal Laboratories No. 1 Mk. 1 – Flare / Gas Gun


For sale is a Federal Laboratories / Webley No. 1 Mk. 1 flare-gun. Serial number- 31283. This Webley is in great condition with smooth operation! Has a chrome finish and all matching SNS! The Webley No 1. Mark 1 Flare Gun was a rush project for the Royal Flying Corps in 1914-1918. These flare guns were used in World War I and in the early stages of World War II. After World War I they were surplus and sold to Police Agencies in the United States. After the war some of these surplus Flare Guns were purchased by the Federal Laboratories for use as tear gas launchers. Federal Laboratories scrubbed the makers mark and manufacture date off the left side of the receiver, stamped their logo into the left side of the wood stock, and all the metal parts were then Chromed to protect them from corrosion. The words No1 Mk1 and the ser#'s were often left intact. It is unknown how many of these Flare Guns were purchased by Federal Laboratories for their use.

Much like the Mauser C96, the No.1 Mk.1 was used as the foundation of Star Wars weaponry. This was used Boba Fett's primary weapon in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Now adays you can see a more modified version in The Book of Boba Fett but both guns are based on the Webley. This is the holy grail for WW1 and Star Wars collectors as these flare guns are becoming harder and harder to get ahold of in original condition. If you are a Star Wars collector, this is the real deal. Instead of a copy from a mold, you can own the original platform to either make it a screen prop or a wall hanger! Please note that there looks to be one unoriginal screw in the stock. (Helmet not included).
Barrel Length: 10
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 31283

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