Winchester Model 1892 – .44-40 WIN

Winchester Model 1892 – .44-40 WIN


For sale is a Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle in .44-40 WIN. Serial number- 00017ZZ92G. This Model 1892 is in excellent overall condition. Features a 24 inch barrel. Of all the rifles produced in an era often called “the Winning of the West” the John Browning-designed Winchester Model 1892 stands out as an engineering masterpiece. It is considered by many as the smoothest, most compact, handiest, and most beautiful lever action ever offered by Winchester. Light, fast, ultra-quick to the point, natural… essentially perfect. Of all the pistol caliber rifles of the day, none have become more viable in modern cowboy action shooting than the ’92. This is your chance to get your hands on some history. Please see the photos to assess the condition of the rifle yourself. Note there is a tiny hairline crack on the bottom of the stock where the stock meets the butt plate. Also, it appears some white paint was applied to the front sight. V2-B4-NV Barrel Length: 24.25 Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 00017ZZ92G

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