Winchester Model 64 – .30-30 Win

Winchester Model 64 – .30-30 Win


For sale is a Winchester Model 64 lever-action rifle in .30 WCF also known as .30-30 WIN. This rifle is in excellent condition especially considering its age. The according to the serial number it was manufactured in 1935 making this an early (3rd year) production. The finish has turned into a nice patina with some minor dings in the stock. Production of the Model 64 began in late 1932, and two variants were offered; (1) the standard Rifle, and (2) the Deer Rifle. Many collectors refer to the Deer Rifle as a "Deluxe". Throughout its entire production, the Model 64 was serialized in the Model 94 serial number range. This is because the Winchester Model 64 is considered a variant of the Model 94. Production of the Model 64 ended in late 1957, with an estimated at 66,783 manufactured. It was one of the most popular hunting rifles ever produced.
Barrel Length: 20
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1935

Serial Number: 1096668

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