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What Makes The Colt King Cobra Special?

Colt originally manufactured these in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The medium-frame, double-action revolver features a six-round cylinder. The original model was largely marketed to law enforcement officers. After the initial production run, civilian enthusiasts grew to love the model.

This model features the same trigger mechanism as the standard Colt Cobra – the .38 Special version. The non-stacking, linear leaf spring (LL2) gives the operator that clean colt trigger.

Why Do You Need THIS Gun?

This Colt King Cobra is in pristine condition. This .375 revolver will also fire .38 Special ammunition. The Colt King Cobra is surprisingly accurate for a 3-inch barrel. The 3-inch barrel creates phenomenal balance.

Clockwise rotation creates excellent lock-up. The elongated trigger creates a mechanical advantage and outstanding trigger-pull.

This gun will make an excellent addition to any private collectors looking to complete their “Colt Snake Gun” collection.

Every Gun Tells A Story. Here’s Colt King Cobra’s Story.

The original 3-inch barrel variant of the King Cobra was first created for the Montreal Police Department. Their police department was looking for a powerful but compact model for their plain-clothes officers. The department ultimately rejected the design.

Fans of the original model from the 1980s will appreciate that the engraving of the snake and text on this model mirrors that of the older model.

Colt King Cobra for sale

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Source1 + Source2
Original Designer: Colt
Catalyst for Manufacture: “Despite its outward similarity to the Colt Python,[2] the King Cobra design is based upon that of an earlier Colt model, the venerable Trooper MK V, improved with the addition of a heavier-duty barrel, full barrel length cylinder ejection rod protection shroud, and the aforementioned thicker solid rib on top of the barrel,” (Wikipedia).
Maker: Colt’s Manufacturing Co.
Model: King Cobra
S/N: C2668K
Special Characteristics:

  1. 3-inch barrel
  2. .357 magnum
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Clockwise rotation
  5. Elongated trigger
  6. Double-action trigger pull
  7. Non-stacking, linear leaf spring (LL2)

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