CZ VZOR 50 – .32 ACP

CZ VZOR 50 – .32 ACP


For sale is a CZ VZOR vz. 50 semi-automatic pistol in .32 ACP. Serial number- 732873. This pistol is in good condition and comes with 1 magazine and a holster. CAI import stamp. Please refer to the pictures as it appears this pistol has been restamped. The MDL 50 and CAI import stampings all look to be restamped. The NB 52 means it was accepted by Police in 1952. The Vz. 50 is a Czech made double-action, semi-automatic pistol. Vz is an abbreviation of the Czech term "vzor" meaning model. Vz. 50s were sold commercially but most were distributed to police agencies under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. They were produced initially at Strakonice and later at Uherský Brod. This one is an earlier version produced at Strakonice. Manufacture ended in 1970 with the refinement of the pistol in a new model known as the Vz. 70.
Barrel Length: 3.75
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1952

Serial Number: 732873

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