FN Herstal Belgium SXS Shotgun – 16GA – Pre War 1927

FN Herstal Belgium SXS Shotgun – 16GA – Pre War 1927


For sale is an FN Herstal Belgium SXS Shotgun in 16GA. Serial number- 13507. 2 1/2" Chamber – double triggers, Side Lock, Extractors. Mfg in 1927. Please Note we are unsure of the choke but took close-ups of all stamps and markings so please refer to the pictures. FN is one of the largest weapon manufacturers in the world. Today, they concentrate on military and tactical arms. But it wasn’t that long ago that they made double barrel shotguns. The FN side-by-side shotgun line arose from agent reports of sales lost when customers wanted more traditional shotguns, rather than the then-revolutionary Auto-5. In response, FN started producing complete side-by-side shotguns shortly after the introduction of the Browning Auto-5. Distribution of side-by-sides was limited to those customers who requested them. Fabrique Nationale sold 32,225 boxlocks, 15,572 sidelocks and 2,191 hammer guns in the pre-war era. Post-war sales were sparse, with only 4,002 boxlocks and 3,702 sidelocks sold up until 1956. This makes this a rare and unique find!
Barrel Length: 30
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1927

Serial Number: 13507

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