Nickel Plated Smith & Wesson 27-2

Nickel Plated Smith & Wesson 27-2


Up for sale is a Smith & Wesson Model 27-5 revolver in .357 Mag. Serial number- N612351. This revolver is in excellent condition, is nickel-plated, and has a 8 3/8" barrel. It comes with a soft case. The Smith & Wesson Model 27 is the original .357 Magnum revolver. It was first produced in 1935, and many versions of it are still in production today. The Model 27 was built on Smith & Wesson's carbon steel, a large N-frame. Those familiar with Smith & Wesson nomenclature will recognize that the "dash five" means that engineering changes have been made over the years. Starting out simply as "The .357 Magnum" in 1935, the big Smith .357 became the Model 27 in the middle 1950s and then the 27-1 around 1959. So there have been four more engineering changes over the past thirty-plus years.
Barrel Length: 8.25
Bore condition: Excellent

Serial Number: N612351

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