Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 – .22 S/L/LR

Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 – .22 S/L/LR


For sale is a Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 pump action rifle in .22 S/L/LR. Serial number- 1970916. Manufactured in 1976. This Fieldmaster Model 572 features a 23.5" barrel capable of firing .22 short, long and long rifle cartridges. The Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster is a manually-operated, slide-action rimfire repeating rifle manufactured by the Remington Arms Company. The Remington 572 was introduced in 1954 and a lightweight version known as the Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster was introduced in 1957. The 572 is noted for its similarity to the Remington 870 shotgun in design. The 572 is chambered for the .22 Short, .22 Long and .22 Long Rifle cartridges. Ammunition is supplied by a tubular magazine under the barrel which holds 15-22 rounds depending on the cartridge used. The longevity of manufacture speaks well of the popularity and durability of the action, and the overall reliability of this gun. It is popular with "plinkers" and collectors both, along with being a good small game, or "camp" rifle.

Please refer to the photos as there is a chip in the bottom of the buttstock.
Barrel Length: 23.5
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1976

Serial Number: 1970916

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