Winchester Model 101 XTR Lightweight

Winchester Model 101 XTR Lightweight


For sale is a Winchester Model 101 XTR Lightweight over-under shotgun in 20ga. Serial number- K274804E. This shotgun has a 3" chamber and includes four chokes (full, modified, improved cylinder, and skeet). Includes the original case as well! This shotgun was manufactured in 1981 in Japan. Engravings on the receiver include pheasant on the right side, woodcock or snipe on the bottom, and quail on the left side. The "XTR" meant "extra finish" or "Extra Quality". XTR Lightweights were manufactured for a very short time (1981) giving this shotgun a unique twist! The barrel is 26.25" long and the bore is in Great condition!

Serial Number: K274804E

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