Featured Gun: Franchi SPAS-12 For Sale!

The Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, more commonly known as the SPAS-12, was introduced in 1979 by Franchi and ceased producing it in 1999. However, importation of the SPAS-12 into the United States ceased in 1994 under the Federal Assault Weapons ban because of the folding stock and semi-automatic capability.

Designed for law enforcement applications, it is a combination semi-automatic and pump-action shotgun. Though it may seem excessive at first, it makes a lot of sense from a military/law enforcement perspective. Shotguns in tactical situations can be used for heavy-duty combat that calls for powerful ammunition or less lethal munitions like beanbags or tear gas rounds; shells that don’t provide enough energy to cycle a semi-automatic shotgun action. The SPAS-12 gives the shooter the choice of how to operate the gun in different scenarios with different shotgun shells.

It has been in just about every action movie ever made and most shooting video games as well. Whether you know it from the Terminator or Jurassic Park movies or from pretty much any shooting game in the past thirty years, the SPAS-12 is one of the most well-known shotguns in the world. Besides looking extremely aggressive in appearance, the operating design is unique and sets itself apart from almost every other shotgun.

Because of its limited production and importation into the U.S., the SPAS-12 is highly sought after by collectors, and opportunities to purchase them are rare. However, D4 Guns has one of these iconic shotguns currently in our inventory available to purchase and is this week’s featured gun.

SPAS-12 shotguns in its original factory configuration include a safety lever switch. Early on during its initial release, Franchi issued a recall for the safety lever switch because of a flaw in the design. This gun has the same safety lever switch that it was originally configured with from the Franchi factory and did not receive its replacement part. Many collectors find this more desirable

This is a very desirable shotgun for serious collectors, action movie fanatics, and video game junkies alike.