Leather Lever Wrap Cover Kit for Lever-Action Rifles & Shotguns


This is a high-quality custom leather lever-wrap kit for lever-action rifles and shotguns.

The kit contains:

  • Leather wraps – includes one (1) lighter brown leather wrap AND one (1) dark brown leather wrap. **For a total of two (2)**
  • Sinew thread – high quality, extra strong waxed poly thread (sinew). Includes two (2) 24″ threads – light & dark.
  • Leather sewing needles – includes two (2) large-hole, blunt-tip (not sharp) leather sewing needles.
  • Instructions – how to install and produce a quality, durable stitch (very easy).

Why do people use leather covers/wraps on their lever-actions?

When using a lever-action, the metal lever tends to be hard on the top of your hand/fingers – especially in colder weather. The leather cover makes using the lever softer on your hand. Overall this makes for a more pleasant shooting experience and allows you to shoot longer (without fatigue) and use the lever faster! They also create a desirable customized look that makes your smoke wagon stand out from the rest!

What makes our kit better?

We source a very specific thickness of leather that is tough and robust, but minimal in thickness to ensure the inside diameter of your lever is not compromised. If you shoot with gloves or have large hands you’ll thank us for this! We provide a high-quality waxed sinew thread that is long-lasting and durable. Our kits include two colors of leather covers/thread to equip two levers or experiment with different looks.
We tested our kits on dozens of different lever actions and found an optimal length and width that works well with most lever sizes (e.g. small, medium, and medium-large loops). Our kit provides you with everything you need and nothing you don’t!

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