Colt Army Special .32-20 WCF double action revolver

Colt Army Special .32-20 WCF double action revolver


For sale is a Colt Army Special, double-action revolver in .32-20 WCF, with a 4" barrel, manufactured in 1912. Serial number-347515. The action on this revolver functions well in double and single mode, and the bore is in fair condition. The crane cut is marked with the letter "Z" and the Rampant Colt mark appears over a stylized "C". The two-piece grips are hard rubber and display the "COLT" logo at the top. Please note that the left grip panel has a crack towards the base. This Colt Army Special revolver is in good condition and exhibits wear typical of a service pistol of its age. The Colt Army Special was a pistol designed by Colt to replace the various over-complicated models of Colt New Army and New Navy revolvers. It was in production from 1908 to 1927 in hopes of securing a military contract.
Barrel Length: 4
Bore condition: Fair
Year Manufactured: 1912

Serial Number: 347515

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