Nambu Type 14 – 8x22mm

Nambu Type 14 – 8x22mm


For sale is a Nambu Type 14 semi-automatic pistol in 8x22mm Nambu. Serial number- 61064. Mfg Dated: May 1939. This pistol is in good condition considering its age and comes with 1 magazine. Please note the Pistol has been refinished with chrome or nickel. Although it has been refinished all the stamps are clearly visible. The Nambu Type 14 was the standard issue pistol of the Imperial Japanese military through the Sino-Japanese War and WWII. Famously carried by officers across the Pacific Theater and in China. The exact production numbers of type 14 pistols are debatable, in part because Japanese soldiers believed the pistols belonged to the emperor and they would often hide, destroy, toss it away if they knew the pistol would fall into enemy hands. This particular pistol was produced by a private company called the Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company/Chuo Kogyo Production at Kokubunji and were under Nagoya Arsenal Supervision. Today Nambu pistols are highly collectible so get one while you have the chance.
Barrel Length: 4.5
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1939

Serial Number: 61064

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