Ruger Police Service-Six – .357 Mag

Ruger Police Service-Six – .357 Mag


For sale is a Ruger Police Service Six double-action revolver in .357 Mag. Serial number- 152-92904. MFG 1977. This revolver is in great condition. To one-up the Colt and S&W competition, Ruger designed the Police Service Six frame around a one-piece investment casting and affixed the trigger group, swing-out cylinder, and hammer to it. Not only did this design simplify production, it gave the gun a more solid feel. The cylinder double locked to the frame at the rear and bottom, a setup that users found helped to keep the timing regular shot after shot.
Barrel Length: 4
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 1977

Serial Number: 152-92904

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